Guatemalan food
We bring it to your home!
Explore the Mayan World!
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El Salvador
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“We are a touristic group that offers innovative, sustainable and high quality travel experiences.”


Customized & sustainable tours
for unique experiences

Unique experiences

Viajes personalizados y experiencias unicas

Customized tours for individuals, groups and incentives, made with our local travel experts.

Safe tripS

Safe trips with high quality of service and attention.


Viajes sostenibles y responsables

Commitment with sustainibility to create a responsible travel.

Tours in guatemala

Explore the Mayan World!

Viajar a Guatemala show
traditional guatemalan food_vive tu sabor

[NEW] We bring the Traditional Guatemalan Food to your home!

From $25.00 USD per 4 persons.
"Vive tu Sabor!" We offer you a unique and authentic experience to discover and enjoy the traditional Guatemalan food at your home.

Viaje a Guatemala Tikal piramide

Mayan World,
connecting jungles and
ancient cultures

From $240.00 USD per person.
Discover northern Guatemala in our 3-day program and explore the Mayan civilization through its sites and stories.

Viaje a Guatemala Semuc Champey

Natural paradise,
and exuberant biodiversity

From $195.00 USD per person.
Get to know and enjoy the beautiful views and lush flora of Cobán and its region with this 3-day program. Connecting nature and adventure.

Lago Atitlan Amanecer

Colorful villages,
and charming views

From $135.00 USD per person.
Start your day with an incredible sunrise. An unforgettable 3-day experience that will allow you to discover the beauty of this country and the majesty of the lake.

Rio Dulce_Playa Blanca viajes a Guatemala

Spectacular caribbean,
and relax essence

From $195.00 USD per person.
Enjoy the Caribbean Sea breeze while relaxing in this paradise. 3 days to relax and discover the taste of the Caribbean in Guatemala.

Viaje Livingston cayos zapatillos

Outstanding paradise,
and caribbean sea

From $235.00 USD per person.
Discover the hidden treasures of the Caribbean Sea. This 3-day experience will show you beauty white sandy beaches and a hidden underwater world.

Discover more option tours to enjoy Guatemala!

Grupo Sostavisa una agencia de viajes responsables


Grupo Sostavisa is a Travel Agency and DMC with a central office in Guatemala City and operation in four countries: Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras. We have branches in France and Spain.

Travel agency Grupo Sostavisa was founded in 2015, by siblings Mélanie and Christian Sost, with the vision of creating an enterprise that will achieve a positive impact for the employees and communities involved with the touristic itineraries in Guatemala. Creating experiences for our clients is our main intention, our daily work is responsible tourism with a positive impact.

For us, travel is a cycle that unites different aspects: destinations, dreams, adventures, learning, culture, and most of all human interaction. All these aspects intertwine and impact each other and that is why, offering a responsible trip is our motto.

“We seek to be leader in tourism innovation and be spokespersons for sustainability in the world.”


Updated news

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Covid-19 (2/2)

Covid-19 has come to change the whole world: our day to day, our work, the way of relating to each other and of course, the way of traveling...

Guatemala and the most amazing Mayan sites

The great Mayan civilization was born within a cultural zone known as Mesoamerica. The current territory of Guatemala was the center of this great region and of the Mayans ...

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Covid-19 (1/2)

After analyzing this situation of the covid-19, I have come to the conclusion that we have to welcome the change. Definitely the way of traveling after the covid-19 will change too ...

Explore the Mayan World - Guatemala

"From Sierra de las Minas to Esquipulas, explore the cultural and natural riches of Guatemala, including the ancient Mayan cities and other natural wonders.", Through the wonderful images in this documentary, Netflix 2019.

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1ra calle A, 20-79, Zona 14,
Las Victorias, Ciudad Guatemala

Teléfono/Phone number:
(+502) 2308 5223 / 3759 2788

correo electrónico/E-mail:


1ra calle A, 20-79, Zona 14,
Las Victorias, Ciudad Guatemala

Teléfono/Phone number:
(+502) 2308 5223 / 3759 2788

correo electrónico/E-mail: